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Call for papers

Researchers are invited to submit their full papers to the conference’s scientific committee via the speakers designated online portal. The submitted papers should include the following:

  • Brief CV
  • Clear personal photo
  • Consent on the terms & conditions
Terms and conditions for submitting papers
  • A full paper should be submitted as abstracts will not be accepted. The paper or workshop should tackle one of the conference topics listed above.
  • Adhere to the deadlines for submitting papers, and any papers submitted after the specified dates will be rejected.
  • Submit the paper according to the required specifications in terms of font type and size, and should be in word format. Any paper that does not conform to the required specifications will be rejected.
  • The scientific committee has the right not to disclose the reason of rejecting the paper.
  • Submissions are made through the Speakers Portal, and any papers submitted otherwise will be rejected.
  • All presentations made during the sessions will be placed on the virtual conference platform immediately after the conference. In case a speaker wishes to amend his/her presentation, he/she should provide the committee with the alternative presentation two days before the conference is held.
General Notes
  • The conference will be held in a hybrid format (in-person / virtual), where in-person attendance is limited to participants & speakers from Riyadh, while the participation of speakers, session chairmen and workshop presenters outside of Riyadh will be virtual.
  • All virtually participating speakers should be familiar with the use of virtual meeting platforms.
  • High speed internet should be available in order to avoid any interruption during the presentation of the paper.
  • A computer or laptop with a camera should be used while presenting the paper.
  • The duration of the presentation of the paper during the conference should not exceed 20 minutes, with the necessity of using the presentation template of the conference (obtained from the Speakers Portal).
  • The duration of the workshops presented during the conference should not exceed 120 minutes, while indicating the purpose of the workshop presenter.
  • Scientific researches and working papers will be submitted to a specialized scientific committee which has the right to reject any of the submitted working papers without giving reasons.
The OMAINTEC scientific committee invites researchers, specialists and institutions to submit full papers, researches, case-studies and success stories in various aspects related to the operations and maintenance sector, rehabilitation economics, applications and experiences within the conference topics.
Deadline for receiving full papers (Papers submitted after this date will not be accepted) September 15th 2021
Final notice of accepted papers September 30th 2021