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January 26-28, 2025 • Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Jeddah

Digitization.. Excellence.. Sustainability

Under the theme: Sustainable Operational Excellence for Digitalization of Assets, Facility, and Maintenance

Conference Activities & Program:

The conference agenda has been designed to provide a diverse and enriching experience for participants, including scientific sessions, interactive workshops, specialized panel discussions, an innovation exhibition, networking opportunities, and more.
Attendees can expect a stimulating environment that promotes learning, collaboration, and innovation in the fields of asset management, facilities, and maintenance. The conference activities include:

Interactive Workshops

Engage in practical workshops led by industry experts to explore real-world applications of asset management, facility management, and maintenance strategies. Participants will have the opportunity to delve into case studies, best practices, and emerging technologies.

Dynamic Panel Discussions

Join thought-provoking discussions featuring top experts and researchers in the field. Topics will range from the latest trends in asset improvement to sustainable facility management practices. Participants can interact with speakers, ask questions, and gain valuable insights..

Scientific Sessions & Presentations

Attend scientific sessions and presentations covering a wide range of topics, including asset lifecycle management, predictive maintenance techniques, energy efficiency, facility management, and more. Learn from researchers and practitioners sharing their experiences and innovative solutions.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with peers, industry experts, and representatives through networking sessions and social events. Build collaborations, exchange expertise, and foster valuable connections within the asset management, facilities, and maintenance community..

Innovation Exhibition (AFM EXPO)

Explore the innovation exhibition showcasing the latest products, services, and technologies in asset and facility management. Gain direct insights into advanced solutions and industrial progress through interactive displays, product demonstrations, and exhibitor presentations. .

Poster Presentations

Witness poster presentations that highlight research findings, case studies, and innovative projects in asset management, facility maintenance, and related fields. Engage with presenters to understand their work and contribute to insightful discussions.

Arab Award for Asset, Facilities, and Maintenance Management

Be part of the ceremony announcing the winners of the esteemed Arab Award for Asset, Facilities, and Maintenance Management across individuals, companies, institutions, and organizations. This celebratory moment will be held during the conference proceedings, adding a touch of recognition to the event.

ThinkTank Sessions:

Engage in collaborative sessions led by industry experts to explore innovative solutions and address challenges in asset, facility, and maintenance management through interactive discussions and problem-solving activities.

Conference Topics & Tracks

The conference offers a comprehensive exploration of topics vital to professionals in the industry. Through in-depth discussions on cutting-edge advancements and pressing challenges, our program is designed to provide insights into critical aspects of asset management, facilities maintenance, and system optimization. Let's delve into the key tracks that will be highlighted during the conference: 
Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems
  • Net-Zero Carbon Emission Initiatives
  • The role of digitalization and technologies in decarbonization
  • Grid requirements for energy transition
  • Transportation future in a low carbon era
  • Applications of artificial intelligence in electrical grid system transformations
  • Emerging technologies in Grid Modernization.
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and Decentralization
  • Resilience and Grid Security
  • Advanced Data Analytics & Data transparency
  • Advance Telecom Connectivity and Cybersecurity
Roads and Transportation Systems

Roads and Transportation Systems
  • Smart Transportation Infrastructure Maintenance.
  • Autonomous transportation and control systems Maintenance Requirements.
  • Sustainable Roadway Maintenance Practices
  • Road Management System Maintenance
  • Operating and maintaining infrastructure plans to account for severe weather fluctuations.
  • Cybersecurity protection for preserving digital data related to road maintenance statuses.
Maintenance Systems and Management

Maintenance Systems and Management
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for measuring the impact of digital initiatives on operational excellence.
  • Utilization of predictive maintenance technologies through data analytics based on Machine Learning.
  • Implementation of digital Facility and Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS/CAFM) for scheduling and tracking proactive maintenance.
  • Assessment of asset management maturity levels.
  • Benefits of condition-based maintenance compared to time-based traditional maintenance methods.
  • Data-driven maintenance decision-making.
  • Latest applications of Industry 4.0 principles in maintenance systems.
  • Lean Maintenance practices.
  • Integration of Internet of Things in maintenance management..
  • Assignment of tasks to suppliers, agents, and contractors.
Water Systems

Water Systems
  • Smart Water Management and Maintenance.
  • Asset Integrity Management for Water Infrastructure.
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Maintenance of water desalination plants.
  • Resilience Planning for Water Transmission and Supply Systems
Buildings and Facilities Management

Buildings and Facilities Management
  • Sustainable building maintenance practices.
  • Advantages of digitizing facility management operations.
  • Integration of Internet of Things devices for real-time monitoring and maintenance.
  • Case studies highlighting successful facility digitization projects.
  • Smart building management systems.
  • Facility condition evaluation, maintenance planning, and compliance with facility qualification requirements.
  • Energy-efficient Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system maintenance.
  • Green Building Certification maintenance requirements.
  • Digital/Computerized Asset Management Systems in modern asset management.
  • New global standards for digital asset and facility management.
Communications Systems, Smart Maintenance, and Cybersecurity

Communications Systems, Smart Maintenance, and Cybersecurity
  • Integration of Internet of Things in maintenance management systems.
  • Cybersecurity measures for smart infrastructure maintenance.
  • Fifth-generation technology and its impact on asset management communications.
  • Predictive maintenance strategies in the era of smart facilities.
  • Blockchain technology for secure asset management.
  • Remote monitoring and control systems for maintenance efficiency.
  • Data analytics for proactive maintenance planning.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation in cybersecurity for assets and facilities.
  • The role of Augmented Reality in enhancing maintenance procedures.
Education and Training

Education and Training
  • Interactive education and training systems through digital platforms.
  • Qualification and accreditation for training programs from an international perspective.
  • Current training products and ways to enhance them.
  • Professional apprenticeship.
  • Employee training programs to adapt to digital transformation initiatives for workflow monitoring.
  • Change management strategy to overcome resistance and promote an innovation culture.
  • Continuous education initiatives and skill enhancement to constantly keep pace with digital developments.

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