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January 26-28, 2025 • Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Jeddah

Digitization.. Excellence.. Sustainability

Under the theme: Sustainable Operational Excellence for Digitalization of Assets, Facility, and Maintenance

Call For Papers

One of the objectives of the Arab Asset, Facility, and Maintenance Management Council is to enhance progress in the engineering sector by promoting professional competence in asset, facility, and maintenance management and enhancing operational and maintenance practices through training and qualification, in addition to supporting research and studies in the field of asset, facility, and maintenance management.

The conference highlights the main challenges facing asset, facility, and maintenance management, discussing the latest global developments and innovations, as well as developing modern procedures and technologies in this field.
The scientific committee of the conference invites researchers, specialists, and interested entities to submit papers, research studies, and successful experiences in various aspects of asset, facility, and maintenance management, in addition to presenting rehabilitation-related economics. These contributions aim to shed light on practical experiences and profound applications in the field, which will be among the most prominent topics that will be presented in discussions and research papers during the conference.
Paper Submission Form

Paper Submission

Researchers interested in submitting papers are encouraged to send a full paper to the scientific committee of the conference via the dedicated speakers' portal. The submitted papers and research should include the following details:

Brief Curriculum
Vitae (CV)

Clear personal

Confirmation of acceptance
to the specified conditions

Submission Guidelines:

  • Full papers are required, and abstracts will not be considered. The paper or workshop should focus on one of the subjects listed in the conference topics.
  • Adherence to the designated deadlines for paper submissions is mandatory. Any submissions received after the specified dates will not be considered.
  • Papers must comply with the specified formatting requirements, including font type and size, in Word format. Papers that do not meet these specifications will be rejected.
  • The scientific committee reserves the right to withhold reasons for rejecting a paper submission.
  • All presentations delivered during the sessions will be published on the conference website within a week of the event's conclusion. Should a speaker wish to modify their presentation, the revised version must be submitted to the committee within that timeframe.

Benefits for Approved Papers

Accommodation will be provided for speakers coming from outside Jeddah from January 25-28, 2024, covering up to three nights with breakfast included.
Waiver of conference registration fees.
Certificate of appreciation and an honorary trophy for speakers.
Publication of accepted papers in the council's magazine.

Additional Information:

  • Visas will be issued by the speakers themself, with fees compensated for by the conference.
  • The conference does not offer financial incentives for paper or workshop submissions..
  • Travel expenses will not be covered by the conference, although airport transfer services can be arranged.

Paper Submission Deadlines:

Start date for paper submissions:
June 15, 2024

Final date for full paper submissions:
August 1, 2024
No papers will be accepted after this date

Final notification of paper acceptance:
August 15, 2024

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